Cobbs Creek Golf Course on Verge of a Major Restoration

Original Article by Joe Juliano, Posted: August 29, 2018


The process seemingly has taken forever, the efforts by a small yet resolute group of folks dedicated to golf and golf history who were determined to restore the luster of Cobbs Creek Golf Course, a crown jewel of city courses for nearly 50 years before falling on hard times.

For years, the low-lying holes near the creek have been areas of constant flooding when it rains. Trees and waste areas were overgrown. A city that had more pressing needs offered only minimal maintenance to keep the course in operation.

However, persistence and patience, and even faith, aided a progression of events that had begun back in 2007 with an inquiry about the existence of aerial photographs taken when Cobbs Creek was a young and vibrant course. A key step came in 2010 when commercial real estate broker Chris Lange entered the picture.

Now, the curiosity about a course that once hosted national events and received visits from the likes of Ty Cobb, Connie Mack and Joe Louis is about to be rewarded. A unanimous City Council vote in June awarded the course for $1 in rent to the nonprofit Cobbs Creek Restoration and Community Foundation, an organization of which Lange is president, for the purpose of restoring, maintaining and operating the facility. Read More